National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Specializing in Technologies for Wellbeing and Stress Management

Balance | Restore | Optimize

You want to feel confident that you are investing your time and money wisely.

Most importantly, you want to see results…to feel different and reach your full potential.

I approach coaching from a holistic perspective that approaches every aspect of your life ~ body, mind, and spirit. I can help you access your full potential and gain greater self-awareness and appreciation for renewed balance, health and vitality. As your coach, I will use my strengths of curiosity, honesty, and empathy to walk with you toward meaningful change. I see each client as capable and worthy.
It's my desire to empower you to live your best, authentic life.

  Clients who work with me report experiencing the following:


Stress reduction with associated physiological improvements


Improved work/life balance


Increased vitality/resilience - prepare for and recoup from challenge


They achieve a better state of physiological and psychological health


Enhanced mental clarity, focus and learning ability


They feel calmer, happier, and more energized


"Petra has a calling to help others to live their full measure of vitality. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met and she guided me towards cultivating my greatest potential. She began the process by assessing my life holistically, starting with teaching me all the dimensions of healthy living. The process began with her helping me to create my personal vision, develop a strategy to support the vision, and then to help me understand how to create a sustainable, personal path to living healthy and well. MJC"

She was "with me", demonstrating awareness and mindfulness. She listened very effectively and remembered key points and stories from previous sessions. Her sense of timing, noticing when I was ready for stretching or needing time, was impeccable.

Petra was straight-forward and challenging. She was down to earth, but was able to get to the depth of some matters that I had yet to explore. Petra partnered with me as I navigated personal "internal" and while working to develop sound techniques that work for me to center, ground, and show up for self, others, family, and clients. She partnered with me in both what's possible and practical.

Petra has a very intuitive and gentle coaching style.

We worked on health issues and stress reduction and Petra is highly knowledgeable in that field.

I learned how to be more aware of my mind, body connections, and the role that plays in supporting me in life and in my practice. I learned about Heart Rate Variability, Sympathetic Nervous system arousal, and how to mitigate that. I also had further validation that being underwater is my reset button. 🙂